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B-17.02 Problem - Bev will be invaluable in our financial...

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B-17.02 The following draft comments were prepared by Robert Phoenix, president of Phoenix Island Sportsware. The comments are to be delivered in conjunction with the introduction of Bev Antilley, Phoenix's newly hired controller. Review these comments and prepare suggested corrections for the underlined words. Today, I am very happy to announce that our search for a new comptometre has ended with the successful hiring of Bev Antilley. Bev is very experienced and holds both the CMA and CFO designations issued by the IMA.
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Unformatted text preview: Bev will be invaluable in our financial accounting function, as she focuses on our internal measurements and reporting. She has informed me that she wishes to shift our decision-making focus from one based on absorption costing theories to indirect costing methods. And, Bev has great experience in applying process costing methods . This knowledge will prove especially useful given the need to adequately measure costs for our variety of products and services that are being produced in a high overhead environment....
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