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B-17.06 Problem - Factory depreciation 56,600 Other factory...

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B-17.06 Ashley Corporation provided the following list of cost data related to its manufacturing operations for the month of September 20X4. Beginning raw materials inventory $ 966,400 Raw materials purchased (net) 2,345,500 Ending raw materials inventory 818,200 Direct labor costs 322,300 Indirect materials 125,500 Indirect labor 88,900 Factory utilities and maintenance 456,000
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Unformatted text preview: Factory depreciation 56,600 Other factory related overhead 24,400 Beginning work in process 777,000 Ending work in process 717,000 (a) Arrange the cost data into a statement of cost of goods manufactured. (b) If Ashley's cost of goods sold for the month was $4,000,000, how much was the increase or decrease in finished goods inventory for the month of September?...
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  • Spring '11
  • hudack
  • Accounting, Supply chain management terms, Raw Materials Inventory, $4,000,000, Ashley Corporation, $ 966,400 2,345,500 818,200 322,300 125,500 88,900 456,000 56,600 24,400 777,000 717,000

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