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B-19.01 Problem - selling price is 125 of cost Assuming...

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B-19.01 Alaska Launch, a private-sector aerospace company, provided the following aggregated data for satellite construction jobs during a recent period: Direct materials $ 13,442,769 Direct labor 21,889,554 Applied (and actual) factory overhead 8,223,454 Beginning work in process 14,550,098 Ending work in process 17,559,000 (a) How much is cost of goods manufactured? Is this necessarily the same as cost of goods sold? Why or why not? (b) Satellites are usually constructed to specific customer specifications, and the contract
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Unformatted text preview: selling price is 125% of cost. Assuming that the above costs are attributable to several different satellites in various stages of production, how would the cost of direct materials, direct labor, and overhead be tracked to specific jobs? How important is the job costing system in establishing a fair selling price for each satellite?...
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