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B-19.02 Problem - 12:00 1:00 lunch n/a n/a 0.00 0.00 1:00...

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B-19.02 Mary Ann Clark is an artist and is employed by Fenway Racing. Fenway Racing manufactures custom race cars to exact specifications of drivers. Mary Ann's job is to hand paint logos and other custom artwork on each car. Below is her daily time sheet for March 7, 20X6: FENWAY RACING Time Sheet Employee: Mary Ann Clark Date: 03/07/X6 Start/Stop Time Job Number Task Client Admin Hours Direct Labor Hours 8:00 8:30 set up Prepare paints and airbrush n/a 0.50 0.00 8:30 10:45 #11245 Paint race numbers Mario A. 0.00 2.25 10:45 11:00 repairs Repair broken compressor n/a 0.25 0.00 11:00 12:00 #11302 Paint advertising sign on door AJ F. 0.00 0.75
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Unformatted text preview: 12:00 1:00 lunch n/a n/a 0.00 0.00 1:00 4:30 #11305 Paint hood logo Jeff G. 0.00 3.50 4:30 5:00 clean up Clean up equipment n/a 0.50 0.00 Total hours 1.25 6.50 (a) Examine the time sheet and find the error. What is the importance of correctly accumulating time by job? How does the time sheet data track to the cost assignment process? (b) How much of Mary Ann's time (after making the correction) is attributable to direct labor and how much to overhead? How does the direct labor cost get assigned to individual jobs, and how does the overhead cost get allocated?...
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