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B-20.07 Problem - Bottling 454,900 954,000 4,709,991...

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B-20.07 Barksdale Corporation produces hair care products. ShineOnOne is a one-step shampoo and conditioner that is produced in a three-step process. The three phases of production consist of mixing, blending, and bottling. Below is a partial schedule of June's costs for each phase of production. Complete the schedule and respond to the questions that follow. Beginning Balance June Costs Cost Transfers Ending Balance Mixing 288,100 $ 1,444,424 $ (1,019,087) $ ? Blending 316,700 ? ? ? (3,378,909)
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Unformatted text preview: Bottling 454,900 954,000 ? ? ? ? 4,709,991 $ (4,155,676) $ ? (a) Which department experienced a decrease in work-in-process during June? (b) How much was transferred to finished goods inventory? (c) What will be reported as "work in process" at the end of June? (d) If total finished goods inventory decreased by $100,000, and the selling price is equal to 200% of cost of goods sold, how much would be reported for ShineOnOne sales during June?...
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