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B-15.03 Problem - The second event was a $3,000,000 gain...

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B-15.03 Melanie Mielke Construction Corporation is considering the appropriate accounting for two unrelated events during the year. The first event related to the effects of a labor strike that resulted in a work stoppage on a major construction project. $2,000,000 of building material that was left exposed to weather conditions during the strike was lost. The construction trade relies heavily on unionized labor and strikes are a common negotiating tool.
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Unformatted text preview: The second event was a $3,000,000 gain related to sale of valuable antiquities that were excavated at a construction site. This event was completely unexpected. Melanie Mielke's annual sales were $9,000,000, at a gross margin of 15%. Selling expenses totaled $300,000 and administrative expenses totaled $800,000. Mielke is subject to a 30% income tax rate. Prepare the 20XX income statement for Melanie Mielke Construction Corporation....
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