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I-17.01 Problem - the clues and responses As time permits...

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I-17.01 This chapter introduces numerous new concepts. Form the class up into teams of 3 to 4 members each. Each team should select about 25 "words" or "concepts" from the chapter and construct a crossword puzzle. Be sure to be creative with your word clues - don't just use the exact definition from the book - be a clever and cryptic! You can find numerous "robots" on the internet that will automate the construction of the puzzle, once you provide
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Unformatted text preview: the clues and responses. As time permits, share your team's puzzle with the other teams. It is a very good exercise to work one or two puzzles together in class (by projecting the puzzle on a screen and calling for input from classmates). Don't forget this is a learning exercise, so be sure to discuss the significance of the clues....
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