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I-20.03 Problem - I-20.03 Form a team consisting of six...

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I-20.03 Process Beginning of April During April End of April Mixing 100,000 units in process (40% complete at a total cost of $50,000) 800,000 units put into production; additional costs into production total $652,500 70,000 units in process (50% complete) Shaping 80,000 units in process (80% complete at a total cost of $70,400) Additional conversion costs of $63,600 50,000 units in process (30% complete) Packaging no units in process Additional conversion costs of $34,080 20,000 units in process (60% complete) (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Note: This problem can be solved under weighted-average or FIFO. Team Member 3 -- prepare a cost of production report for the Packing Department. Team Member 6 should use the answer prepared by Team members #3 and #5 to prepare April's additional journal entries related to the Packaging Department. Form a team consisting of six members. The following table includes information about one month's production of VitalVitamin (VV). VV is produced in a three-step process consisting
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