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B-05.04 Gerloff Supply sells cables, connectors, and other basic wiring components to audio video dealers across the country. Dealers with "preferred status" receive a 20% discount off of list price. All sales are on account, and payment terms are 2/10, n/30. Sales of $1,000 and up (large orders) will ship F.O.B. destination. Orders less than $1,000 (small orders) are always F.O.B. shipping point. However, Gerloff will prepay freight on small orders by "preferred dealers." Otherwise, small orders are shipped freight collect by the common carrier making the delivery.
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Unformatted text preview: In no event may a customer apply the cash discount terms to freight charges. Prepare journal entries to record the sale and subsequent collection for each of the following transactions: Transaction Customer Status List Price Freight Cost Date of Sale Date of Payment 1 Preferred 1,500 $ 125 $ 3-Jun 9-Jun 2 Regular 300 30 7-Jun 20-Jun 3 Preferred 700 45 9-Jun 20-Jun 4 Regular 2,000 200 10-Jun 17-Jun 5 Regular 1,800 230 12-Jun 29-Jun 6 Preferred 2,400 180 15-Jun 27-Jun...
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