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B-24.01 Worksheet - book or not at the end of the term The...

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Name: Date: Section: B-24.01 Relevant Irrelevant The cost of a prior paint job, in a decision to repaint a building. The original investment cost in shares of stock in a company that is in decline, in a decision to sell or hold. Income taxes that can be saved by selling an asset at a loss, in a decision to sell or hold. The cost of tearing out an old parking lot, in deciding whether to build a new lot or not. The cost of textbooks, in deciding which classes to take during a semester. The original cost of a textbook, in deciding whether to resell the
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Unformatted text preview: book or not at the end of the term. The cost of an attorney, in deciding whether to appeal a traffic fine that is undeserved. The allocation of factory depreciation, in deciding whether to accept a special offer from a customer. Research and development costs incurred to develop a new product, in deciding whether to file for a patent application. Proceeds that will be received from the sale of "factory seconds," in deciding how to price a primary product....
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