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University of Toronto 2011-2012 at Scarborough EESA01 "INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE" Assignment #4: Problem Solving in Environmental Science Remember to write your name, student number and tutorial section on your assignment. Place your completed assignment in the drop-box slot (5 th floor SW, near room 511A) associated with your tutorial section. Late = ZERO. PROBLEMS : 1. In a measurement of precipitation (rainfall), a raingauge with an orifice (collector) area of 30.50 in 2 collects 1.30 litres of water over a period of 26 minutes and 45 seconds. [10] Calculate: a. The depth (amount) of rain that fell (in mm). b. The intensity (mm h -1 ) at which the rain fell. c. The volume (m 3 ) of water that would have fallen on an area of 7.00 acres. d . The discharge in m 3 s -1 that would occur if all the water ran off the area in part c. in 3.00 hours. e . If American gasoline is US$4.00 gallon -1 , how much is that in CAN$ L -1 ? 2
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