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Annotative Bibliography Final Copy - EESA01 Annotated...

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EESA01 Annotated Bibliographies Air Pollution Effects on Children
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Kulshreshtha, P., Khare, M., & Seetharaman, P. (2008). Indoor air quality assessment in and around urban slums of Delhi city, India. Indoor Air, 18 (6), 488-498. This article investigates the indoor air quality and associated health effects on the occupants living in inadequately designed houses with poor ventilation. An experiment was conducted to find the season of the year in which children, men and women were most vulnerable to respiratory problems. The researchers monitored indoor air pollutants throughout the year and spirometry tests were taken on the occupants. The pollutants include: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The study was conducted in one of the urban slums in Delhi, the capital city of India. It was concluded that children and women who lived in these poorly ventilated houses are most vulnerable to respiratory problems from indoor air pollution. Another observation was that a maximum concentration of indoor air pollutants in households was in winter. Kumar, R., Nagar, J., Kumar, H., Kushwah, A., Meena, M., Kumar, P., Raj, N., Singhal, M., & Gaur, S. (2007). Association of indoor and outdoor air pollutant level with respiratory problems among children in an industrial area of Delhi, India. Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health, 62 (2), 75-80. This article ensures readers that the health of children is being affected by air pollution. It proves
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Annotative Bibliography Final Copy - EESA01 Annotated...

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