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Lecture 11 Rough Notes - from getting into the atmosphere...

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EROI doesn’t stay the same o Oil used to be 100:1 o Now is 15:1 Harder to extract o Oil sands 5:1 Coal is rock In Mountaintop Removal they blow up a mountain and cut off the top, pick out all the coal, instead of getting a little bit out of a time, you just dig straight down In freshwater sources there isn’t much sulphur content, you can investigate what is in your coal and if its high sulphur coal you won’t burn it. o 2 things related to clean coal Whats in the coal What are you doing to stop the pollutants
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Unformatted text preview: from getting into the atmosphere • Black lung disease – related to coal dust (like a smoker gone wild for 500 years) • Natural gas = methane o 27 x more potent than carbon dioxide o ¼ of the worlds commercial energy use o 2 ways of making it, biogenic gas or thermogenic gas o Burning the same amount of coal and natural gas will give off the same Carbon dioxide am Just cleaner b/c of sulphur content • Oil is the worlds most used fuel...
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