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I-03.04 Problem - I-03.04 Plicta Motors is an automobile...

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I-03.04 Plicta Motors is an automobile service center offering a full range of repair services for high performance cars. The following information is pertinent to adjusting entries that are needed for Plicta, as of March 31, 20X5. Plicta has a fiscal year ending on March 31, and only records adjusting entries at year end. Plicta has a large investment in repair equipment, and maintains detailed asset records. These records show that depreciation for fiscal "X5" is $123,400. As of March 31, 20X5, accrued interest on loans owed by Plicta is $21,678. Auto dealerships outsource work to Plicta. This work is done on account, and billed monthly. As of March 31, 20X5, $54,800 of unbilled services have been provided. Plicta maintains a general business liability insurance policy. The prepaid annual premium is $6,000. The policy was purchased on October 1, 20X4. Another policy is a 6-month property and casualty policy, and it was obtained on December 1, 20X4, at a cost of $3,000. Both policies were initially recorded as prepaid insurance. The company prepared a detailed count of shop supplies at March 31, 20X4.
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