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EESA01 Page 1 of 20 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO AT SCARBOROUGH EESA01 “INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE” Examination; Friday, December 18 th , 2009 9 am - noon, UTSC Gymnasium Professor: C.P.J. Mitchell Duration - 3 hours Aids Allowed: Ruler, Calculators, Equation “Crib Sheet” It is an academic offense for students to possess the following items at their examination desks: cell phones, pagers of any kind, PDAs, any type of computer. If any of these items are in your possession, give them to your instructor immediately at the beginning of the examination and no penalty will be imposed. These items will be returned to you at the end of the examination. MARKS: 120 multiple choice questions worth 1 mark each. This exam is worth 45% of your final mark. Instructions: Read each question carefully and answer every question using the provided Scantron sheet. You may keep your question sheets following the final exam. Hand in only your Scantron sheet. Do NOT forget to fill in bubbles for your name and student number. Student number goes under “Identification #”. 1. Soil texture is related to: a. The proportion of sand particles b. The proportion of clay particles c. The proportion of sand:silt:clay particles d. The size of soil particles e. All of the above 2. The “Tragedy of the Commons” was a concept proposed by: a. Garret Hardin b. Thomas Malthus c. Lance Fenton d. Paul Ehrlich e. The same gentlemen who came up with “ecological footprints”
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EESA01 Page 2 of 20 3. The likely reason for the downfall of Rapa Nui was: a. Rising sea levels b. Tsunami c. Environmental pollution d. Overuse of renewable resources e. Overuse of non-renewable resources 4. If you were to scientifically investigate the effects of temperature on crop yields by investigating crops yields on farms at many different latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, this would be: a. A placebo study b. A correlation study c. A manipulative experiment d. A greenhouse experiment e. None of the above 5. An ecological footprint: a. Denotes the land space required by individuals to support their lifestyle b. Denotes the carbon emissions in tonnes by individuals c. Was invented by Thomas Malthus d. For Canada is larger than the United States e. “b” and “c” 6. A “Cassandra” is: a. A mythical princess b. Likely to believe that there is nothing we can do about global climate change c. Presumes dire consequences for our actions d. All of the above e. None of the above 7. Declining birth rates and stable death rates due to improved medical care is characteristic of the ___________ stage in the demographic transition. a. pre-industrial b. industrial c. post-industrial d. transitional e. revolutionary 8. Populations that reach their carrying capacity almost always reach a steady-state: a. True b. False 9. The cultural revolution: a. Started ~10,000 years ago b. Involved use moving away from hunter-gatherer nomads toward settled farmers c. Led to a massive increase in population density in many places d. All of the above e. None of the above
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Past exam posted - EESA01 Page 1 of 20 UNIVERSITY OF...

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