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POLA83H3 Saba Zanib #999004624 Tut# 0006 Globalization vs. Europeanization Globalization and Europeanization are two phenomena that are multi-dimensional but with no clear relationship between them. Before starting, it is important to establish a basic understanding of both concepts. Globalization is a broad term that has no definite definition. It can be viewed as the process of expanding the communications between different countries and disintegrating the boundaries and barriers to allow free trade. Globalization can be generally understood in 4 concepts: internationalisation, liberalisation, universalization and westernisation. On the other hand is Europeanization. Europeanization can be viewed as spreading of different aspects of European ideas and practices and as a process of constructing an identity based on ideas within Europe. Europeanization and Europe union are based on stability, democracy and prosperity. The social aspect of globalization is more market based as it focuses on neoliberalism
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Unformatted text preview: whereas Europeanization focuses on social welfare. Globalization is built upon the concept of capitalism. State intervention is to be kept less because the states don’t know how functions of the market work. On the other hand, Europeanization focuses on the welfare state of society to create stability, prosperity and equality. Believes in creating a society based on rationalism and to tone down the effect of capitalism and neoliberalism. Another key difference between Globalization and Europeanization is the models of economic approach. Globalization is based on the Anglo-Saxon model while Europeanization is based on the Rhinelander model. The paper examined how the relationship of Europeanization and globalization differed. Globalization and Europeanization are the social structures and the economic methods of market. Globalization is more market orientated while Europeanization focuses on social welfare....
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