Lect.8_Cultural_Globalization - Cultural globalization...

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Cultural globalization Global culture and local identities Questions * What are the main forces of cultural globalization? * How has globalization affected traditional, indigenous and local cultures? * Can global, national, and regional/local cultures co-exist? What is culture? * System of shared values and meaning - cultural identity: - language - religion - nationality and ethnicity - gender - place * Culture is expressed at different spatial scales : local, e.g. a village or community whose identity has been shaped by residents’ cultural values across generations; regional, e.g. the Basque region that straddles the border between S.W. France and N.E. Spain; national - idea that there is such a thing as a national culture, France is a good example of this. It could even be continental,e.g. North American culture. And then it there are examples cultural phenomena, e.g. music, soccer that have become global in scale.
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Lect.8_Cultural_Globalization - Cultural globalization...

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