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Lect_2_Historical_Geography_of_Globalization - 1 The...

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1 The Historical Geography of Globalization What are the antecedents to modern globalization? When, how and why did the economy go global? “The World is Ten Years Old” “It was born when the Wall fell in 1989…many world markets are only recently freed…the spread of free markets and democracy around the world is permitting more people everywhere to turn their aspirations into achievements. And technology…has the power to erase not just geographical borders but also human ones” Merrill Lynch advertisement, Oct 11, 1998 But, wait a moment... Did globalization just begin in 1989? Has it no history? Are there no antecedents? ANCIENT BEGINNINGS The expansionist civilizations: Greek and Roman Empires long-distance exploration innovation and trade war and conquest mapping land clearance and irrigation first cities Islamic empire 7th - 13th centuries Early global economy based on trade across Asia, Africa and much of Europe. Also known as the Islamic Renaissanec – artists, engineers, scholars, poets, philosophers, geographers and traders – which spread the influence of Islamic knowledge and commerce.
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2 The Rise of Global Capitalism Begins to emerge at the end of the 15 th century What is capitalism?
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Lect_2_Historical_Geography_of_Globalization - 1 The...

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