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Lecture 3 (Oct 4) THE GLOBAL ASSEMBLY LINE Questions Why are my NIKE’s made in China? Why are manufacturing systems global in scale? What new patterns of economic activity has this produced? How has this affected local and regional economies and societies? Q’S 1 AND 2: Increased locational flexibility in time and space From Fordism to Post-fordism, from spatially-fixed to spatially dispersed assembly line Global scale spatial separation of manufacturing operations Global outsourcing of materials and components Global production and supply chains controlled by TNC’s (Trans-national Corporations) Read Crewe’s article on the fashion commodity chain A good example is Philips, the Dutch-based electronics TNC : check it out at http://www.philips.com/about/businesses and suppliers/suppliers/index.page Supply and commodity chains : the network of facilities and distribution capabilities an enterprise uses to: "Source" (or "procure") raw materials (chemicals, ores, grains, . ..) or components
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Lecture_3_global_assembly_line - Lecture 3 (Oct 4) THE...

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