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The Global Supermarket Global agribusiness and food systems Preface Rise of the local food movement is a response to the growing dominance of the global food system. How much and what items of food do you consume that come from the Toronto region or from Ontario? To what extent does your supermarket stock local produce? The reality is that our food system is a mix of local, regional, national and global products. It is a good example of “glocalization” – the co-existence of global and local systems. But even the local system is controlled in part by global agribusiness which supplies inputs and controls distribution and marketing Questions * Where does our food come from? * Who controls its production and distribution? * How do geographical concepts apply? The globalized supermarket Factors: 1 . The Plantation System – the beginnings of a global agriculture system. Created by the establishment of empires, large scale production of commodities traded on a global scale: cotton, sugar, rubber, tea, coffee. This was a pure capitalist system involving the extraction of maximum surplus values from land and labour (slavery), free trade and markets, private ownership of plantations, large-scale capital accumulation. 2
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Lecture_4_Global_Supermarket - The Global Supermarket...

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