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The Global Development Project Concentrations of wealth and spreads of poverty [ To review the video shown in class go to : ³ http://www.cbsnews.com /video/watch/?id=3228443n ] Think about how this illustrates the impact of globalization on less developed countries like Bangladesh Lecture questions * Does all this economic globalization lead to global development? * What does development mean? * Will globalization reduce inequities? 1. Does economic globalization lead to global development? Factors and issues to consider . (These were not discussed in class but are important) • resource endowments – regional and national availability of physical and human resources • distribution of wealth across populations • personal and societal freedom to participate in the global economy • trade regulations and protectionism – whom do these help or harm? • geographical location – distance from global economic centres and markets • political stability • cultural values, e.g. is there gender equality of opportunity? 2. What does development mean? A definition of development Wealth is distributed throughout the population, is increasing faster than population growth, is creating capital which is invested in infrastructure, both public and private which stimulates social and economic improvements for all. Measures of development READ Murray, pp.267-279 for more detailed discussion i) Financial * Gross National (domestic) Product
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Lecture_6_Global_Development_Project - The Global...

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