IDS 1 - IDS Lecture 1 What is Development Conceptualization...

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Unformatted text preview: IDS Lecture 1 What is Development Conceptualization + Discourse- Understanding power of language + words in shaping behaviour- (linking normative view with policy making) o words today have “loaded” meaning word “culture” –long loaded history in terms of meaning, “terrorists,” another loaded word meaning- look @ historical roots of how we came to view “development”- understand how “underdeveloped” as a social construct was invented- uncovering the assumptions of the dominant view+ argue why alternatives are not only possible but necessary o Donor supports to help reduce poverty+ improves lives still falling short. –UN article- Global Fund Public party partnership organization - Millennium Development Goals o Who’s achieving these goals? o Improve maternal health- Trouble with Africa- Dead aid- bambisa moyo o Free money o Government get money, supporting dictator o Money flowing o Manufacturing business down o Interest rates o Rich country ‘enrich’ reason why they do this- British colonialism with Africa- Africa 1914- colonialism by French- Portuguese, British, French, Belgium- Explains why they speak different languages- 1914, no countries but territories, states- 62 sounctires, indcluding south sudan- Fighting over limited resources- Geopolitics- divided among +very arbitrary lines- b/c that shows it was drawn during colonialism- Must understand historical concepts if we were to understand development...
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IDS 1 - IDS Lecture 1 What is Development Conceptualization...

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