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I-10.05 Problem - SLN(100,10,4) is the straight-line...

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I-10.05 As shown in the text, spreadsheet software packages, like Microsoft Excel, include built in functions to calculate depreciation. Use these routines to calculate depreciation for Dr. Brown's x-ray machine for the third year of use. Try this problem with the straight-line (SLN) and double-declining balance (DDB) techniques. The functions are usually accessed via a toolbar pick list (∑) or from the Insert/Function operation. Once you know the correct way to structure a function, a quick shortcut is to simply key in the formula (e.g.,
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Unformatted text preview: SLN(100,10,4) is the straight-line formula for a $100 asset having a $10 salvage value and 4 year life). You should print out two copies of your answer; one with the "values" and the other showing the "formulas." Oftentimes, you will want to view all the formulas used in a worksheet. To toggle between showing formulas and values, simply press "CTRL + `" (grave accent). Dr. Matt Brown purchased a new X-ray machine for his dental practice. The machine cost $275,000, and has a $10,000 salvage value after 7 years....
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