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Accounting Notes Intro Chapter - Accounting Notes...

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Accounting Notes Introduction Define Accounting - An information system that generates financial information about a business that users rely on to make decisions. - An accounting information system is the resources and procedures in a business that changes economic data into financial information. - Flow of data and information in a typical accounting information system: Collect financial and other economic data. Gather Measure Record data Process the data Organize Store data Communicate information Summarize Report Interpret data Identify users of accounting information - The Accounting information syste m s erves us ers inside and outside the business organization. Internal Users (Manag e m e nt Accounting) Manage m e nt Accounting is the p art of accounting that provides information to intern users. Internal users are those people within an organization who m ake d ecisions affecting t business.
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External Users Financial Accounting is the part of accounting that provides information to external us External users are the people that do not have direct access to the records of the bus   Instead, they depend on the management to provide the information. Owners hope the value of their investment will increase.  They are individuals who ha
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Accounting Notes Intro Chapter - Accounting Notes...

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