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Unformatted text preview: 8 September/October 2010 | APICS magazine Underachievers Need Not Apply Operations student uses APICS principles to get to the head of the class To increase their knowledge of global supply chains, 10 supply chain management students and 2 faculty members from Bowling Green State University went on a weeklong tour of Italy in March 2010. Among them was graduate assistant, academic advisor, and master of business administration student Darcy Manjabosco Filho, a member of APICS Bowling Green State University Student Chapter. Filho joined APICS in 2007 as an undergraduate student. He wanted to gain knowledge about the supply chain management field and create a profes- sional network. His interest in inter- national supply chain management led him to pursue global learning experi- ences in 2008, when he and his fellow students participated in a project in Germany that included company tours at companies such as BMW and DHL. Two years later, he made plans for his visit to Italy....
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