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Unformatted text preview: ECON ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Department of Economics | College of Business Administration | Bowling Green State University | Bowling Green, OH December 2011 Message from the Chair As you probably know by now, Dr. Hoag retired in May and I became Chair of the department. Thanks to Kelly and to the faculty, I have survived so far! And, Dr. Hoag is now right down the hall as the Associate Dean of the College of Business, so I have many to help me when I need it. I enjoy the many new aspects of my job, especially advising. Who knew you could get paid to tell others what to do. The department is doing well. Kyoo Kim was recently on faculty leave in South Korea (check out the article in this newsletter), Pete VanderHart has been navigating us through changes to the Masters program, Tim Fuerst has been busy at the Fed and still working his magic in the classroom, Mike Carroll was recently recognized for obtaining a large grant from the federal government, and Zheng Zeng and Kevin Quinn have been working on interesting research on macro/banking (Zheng) and on teaching economics and on the history of economic thought (Kevin). Further, we have a great group of instructors this year, all of whom have added some new majors. So, I have been lucky to have inherited a hard- working group of faculty as the University undergoes changes with a new President and the planned transformation of the undergraduate curriculum. Regarding the general education changes, the current version has been dubbed Connecting the Undergraduate Experience (CUE) and will start freshmen in classes that require active learning. As students matriculate in their programs, classes will involve integration of disciplines and/or analytical methods. The hope of such coursework is that the BGSU graduate will have critical thinking and problem-solving skills that they can use in any work environment. There are currently some courses available this year for freshmen (under the umbrella titles of University Seminar and Quantitative Literacy). Our department has one University Seminar course focused on the Great Depression. Thanks to Katie Kontak, the course to-date has been successful in getting students to think about economic history and issues surrounding poverty. The department hopes to include the principles levels courses in the next level, called Inquiry Courses. These courses are required to have either more than one discipline or method to analyze problems. We hope to have more information about the general education changes as the coursework takes more structure. Two final thoughts: First, I know that some of you are probably struggling during this economic downturn and I hesitate to ask for anything right now. However, if you are thinking of helping BGSU this year, I ask that you consider donating to one of the scholarship funds from the Economics Department. One or two have been underwater for a couple of years due to the huge drop in returns in 2008. And, Dr. Hoag started a new scholarship in 2008....
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