Fall 11 BSEC Checksheet

Fall 11 BSEC Checksheet - COLLEGE OF BUSINESS...

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COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (CBA) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ECONOMICS These Requirements Apply Only to Students Who Enter BGSU’s CBA Fall 2011 or later Name __________________________ BGSU ID#______________________ GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (46-59 semester hours) MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (63-76 semester hours) Calculus/Quantitative 11-12 Hrs Measures Requirement * Calculus/Quantitative measures requirement must be completed with a letter grade. See note on reverse side about calculus prerequisites. Professional Courses * 30 Hrs Free Electives 18-31 Hrs BS in ECONOMICS GRADUATION SUMMARY ECON 3020 3 COMM 1020 is recommended as a free elective as is at least one course in computer science. ECON 3030 3 122 Minimum Hours Required + Hours for GSW 1120 beyond 60 Hours Total Hours Required for Graduation ECON 4010 or 4020 3 MATH 1260 (5) or MATH 1310 (5) or MATH 1340 and 1350 (6) ECON 4730 3 ECON 3 STAT 2110 3 ECON 3 Semester Year Hours STAT 2120 3 ECON 3 B G P E R S P E C T I V E R E Q U I R E M E N T S English Requirement 3-6 Hrs No more than 6 hrs of GSW 1100/1100/1120 count toward graduation. ECON 3 ECON 3 ECON 3 GSW 1100/1110 3 GSW 1120 3 Cognate Concentration * 15 Hrs Natural Sciences (Select two approved courses; one must be a lab science) Contact Economics Chair for cognate concentration approval. Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Fall 11 BSEC Checksheet - COLLEGE OF BUSINESS...

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