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BGSU APICS GERMANY PLANT TOUR Ten APICS members left for a seven day international trip which included German plant tours. The students were accompanied by Karen Eboch, faculty advisor, and Karen Williams, BGSU management department administrative assistant. Those APICS students making the trip included: Bernardo Aguiar Craig Good Amanda Braddock Darcy Manjabosco Filho Kyle Chesser Igor Nemirovskiy Darren DeMange Jessica Noble Whitney Frye May Soliman What follows are some of the initial thoughts of the group highlighting some of the sites they visited. Day One, Arrive in Munich, Germany: BMW Factory : During our first day in Germany, Thursday, October 9 th , our group visited the BMW Factory, which is located in the center of Munich. Our tour started with a short presentation about the BMW history and its Brands (Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper). After that, we walked through the press shop, where coiled steel becomes the first parts of a BMW car. Then, we saw the body shop, a highly automated area where the parts from the press shop are welded, forming the basic structure of the car. We also visited the paint shop, the engine assembly area, and the final assembly line. It is required that every component for a specific car reach the assembly line at the right time, which allows BMW to build the car in accordance to customer requirements. More than 200,000 cars and 300,000 engines are produced every year at this state of the art factory. “I was profoundly impressed with the flexibility of BMW’s production lines. In order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, BMW assembles its cars in an assemble to order system, where the customers can choose among 20,000 interiorvariants. Therefore, the line must be able to assemble any of these combinations in a few seconds. Flexible supply chains, accurate communication, and immediate response from their suppliers are prerequisites for achieving BMW’s level of production line flexibility,” reports Darcy Manjabosco Filho. Day Two, Munich: European University : While in Germany we were given the opportunity to meet with the Munich campus Dean of Students at European University, Sasha Liebhardt. European University is a private
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university with many campuses across Europe and worldwide. All classes are taught in English, so students from around the world are able to attend. At the time of our visit the campus boasted more
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