InfoSysAudCont11 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The information...

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Unformatted text preview: CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: The information systems auditing and control (ISAC) specialization provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to assess the internal control environment of information systems and perform sophisticated auditing techniques of those systems. As the breadth of information technology continues to grow, the importance of protecting the organization’s information from internal and external threats grows at an even more rapid pace. This growth provides a high demand for qualified individuals with a back- ground in ISAC. While certification as a Certified Information Systems Auditor requires work ex- perience, graduates from this program are ex- pected to do well on the certifying examination. ISAC is popular as a double specialization among students specializing in accounting or MIS providing them with a background in finan- cial accounting, accounting information systems, and information technology controls. ISAC graduates can apply for jobs with the following titles: Compliance Analyst, Internal Auditor, IT Auditor, Audit/Assurance Services Associate,...
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InfoSysAudCont11 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The information...

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