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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Internationalists in business must be generally familiar with politics, economics, law, culture, religion, value systems, geography, history, and language. Job options relate to the individual curriculum selected. Few students studying International business are initially employed in an international division of a company or an interna- tional organization. Most graduates accept jobs within the domestic division of an international company, performing a basic business function such as marketing, accounting, public or labor relations, law, personnel, finance, or production. Within 3-5 years, opportunities to work directly with international business operations may occur at 3 levels: 1. work in the United States with an interna- tional division on international problems or activities; 2. work with an international activity which requires occasional or frequent trips to different countries; 3. accept an assignment in a foreign country for a period of years. Opportunities also exist in foreign companies that have sub- sidiaries in the United States. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS:
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