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In order to gain a better understanding of global supply chains, ten Bowling Green State University (BGSU) supply chain management students accompanied by two faculty members embarked on a weeklong tour of Italy. With planning and fundraising that began in fall 2009, the trip took place over spring break March 5 to March 13, 2010. The group left BSGU late Friday afternoon, March 5 th , traveling from Detroit to Milan via Paris. We didn’t stay in Paris long, and just managed to negotiate the terminal as the airport was very busy on a Saturday morning. Upon our arrival in Milan, we were shuttled to our hotel with a guide describing the city’s beauty and unique attractions. Although tired from the long trip, we quickly checked in and gathered back in the lobby to begin to explore Italy. What follows are some of the impressions of our group as we toured from Milan to Rome, including details of many of the places we visited and cultural differences we encountered. Castello Sforzesco (Reflections of Karin Mowery) On Sunday, March 7 th , our group went site-seeing around Milan. The first historical monument that we visited was that Castello Sforzesco. This castle used to be the home of the ruling family of Milan, but now houses some of the city’s museums and art collections. The collections consist of art work from Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and other famous artists. My first impression of the castle as we walked into the courtyard was that the area seemed like an enjoyable place. There were families gathered around the grass areas playing soccer and laughing together. The area seemed like a large park inside four beautifully constructed walls. Once we entered the museum part of the castle, I was amazed at how many pieces of art were on display. It would take days to look through and fully appreciate each piece. Also, the rooms themselves were pieces of art. As I entered each room, I noticed that each ceiling was painted or crafted differently. I truly felt as though I was in a palace!
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Duomo Cathedral (Reflections of Karin Mowery) On Sunday during our site-seeing adventure around Milan, our second stop was the Duomo Cathedral. The Duomo is one of the largest cathedrals in the world and is located at the center of the city. The building contains a central worship area and alter along with several smaller alters and a crypt. Light is provided from the many stain- glass windows that each tell different Biblical stories. My first impression of the cathedral as we were approaching it was that it was one of the most beautiful monuments I had ever seen. To think that this building was hand-crafted in the 14 th Century is amazing! Once in the building, I was able to fully embrace the expansiveness of the area. The ceilings and windows were the highest I have ever seen.
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Italytriprecap - In order to gain a better understanding of...

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