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Masters of Science in Applied Statistics (33 Credits) Required Core Courses MATH 6410 Probability Theory I MATH 6420 Mathematical Statistics II STAT 5020 Regression Analysis STAT 5060 Sample Design STAT 5080 Experimental Design Electives (Choose 3: 1 Stat, 1 Math, 1 from either, at least two at 6000 level) MATH 5450 Applied Probability MATH 5470 Exploratory Data Analysis MATH 6440 Stochastic Processes MATH 6450 Statistical Distribution Theory MATH 6460 Nonparametric Statistical Inference MATH 6470 Sequential Statistical Inference MATH 6480 Bayesian Statistical Inference MATH 6710 Survival Analysis MATH 6720 Biostatistical Methods
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Unformatted text preview: MATH 7400 Multidimensional Statistics MATH 7570 Linear Statistical Inference MATH 7580 Computational Statistics STAT 5120 Applied Nonparametric Statistics STAT 5140 Statistical Quality Control STAT 5160 Times Series Analysis STAT 6200 Experimental Design II STAT 6300 Applied Multivariate Analysis STAT 6340 Discrete Data Analysis STAT 6440 Data Mining Cognate (Two courses from the same discipline, not statistics courses) Plan I Thesis Option: STAT 6990 Thesis Research Plan II Comprehensive Exam Option: STAT 6750 Research Methods in Statistics and Comprehensive Exam covering MATH 6410, 6420, STAT 5020, 5060, 5080...
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