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Masters of Science in Applied Statistics with Specialization in Business Analytics (39 Credits) Required Core Courses MATH 6410 Probability Theory I MATH 6420 Mathematical Statistics II MBA 5700 Business Database Management OR 6610 Linear and Integer Programming STAT 5020 Regression Analysis STAT 5080 Experimental Design STAT 5160 Time Series Analysis STAT 6440 Data Mining Choose 1 MATH 5450 Applied Probability OR 6620 Probability Models for Decision Making CS/MIS/OR Electives (Choose 1) CS 5200 Artificial Intelligence CS 6120 Analysis of Algorithms MBA 5710 Business System Analysis MIS 5120 Decision Support Systems and Support Systems OR 5720 Computer Simulation of Management Systems OR 6470 Network Analysis OR 6490 Applied Nonlinear & Dynamic Programming OR 6690 Case Studies in Management Science MATH/STAT Elective (Choose 1) MATH 5470 Exploratory Data Analysis MATH 6440 Stochastic Processes MATH 6460 Nonparametric Statistical Inference MATH 6480 Bayesian Statistical Inference MATH 7580 Computational Statistics
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Unformatted text preview: STAT 5060 Sample Design STAT 5120 Applied Nonparametric Statistics STAT 5140 Statistical Quality Control STAT 6200 Experimental Design II STAT 6300 Applied Multivariate Analysis STAT 6340 Discrete Data Analysis STAT 6800 Seminar in Statistics ECON/MBA Elective (Choose 1) ECON 6000 Behavior of the Firm in a Global Environment ECON 6010 Economic Policy ECON 6070 Graduate Econometrics ECON 6100 Advanced Microeconomic Theory ECON 6110 Aggregative Economics ECON 6120 Monetary Theory and Policy MBA 6000 Financial Accounting and Analysis MBA 6030 Managerial Accounting MBA 6040 Operations Management MBA 6050 Marketing Management and Strategy MBA 6320 Managing Strategic Human Resources MBA 6420 Services Marketing Management MBA 6540 Global Supply Chain Management MBA 6690 Case Studies in Management Science Plan I Thesis Option: STAT 6990 Thesis Research Plan II Comprehensive Exam Option: STAT 6750 Research Methods in Statistics and Comprehensive Exam covering MATH 6410, 6420, STAT 5020, 5080...
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