MINOR IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP11 - 15 Credit Hours Required Does...

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Unformatted text preview: 15 Credit Hours Required: Does being your own boss seem like a dream? BGSU’s eShip program helps make this vision a reality. The eShip program integrates the knowledge and experiences gained in other disciplines, as well as from the field of entrepreneurship, into an understanding of the process of new venture creation and the management of entrepreneurial ventures. All of which helps students start businesses that creatively solve the challenges of life. Other Requirements 1. Students must earn a C or higher in all courses taken for the minor. 2. All courses completed for the minor must be taken for a letter grade. 3. All students must complete at least 15 credit hours toward the minor that are not counted in the student’s major or specialization or another minor. 4. For non-business students, the total number of hours earned in College of Business Administration courses may not exceed 25 percent or 30 hours of the 122 needed for graduation, counting the major and the minor. (Note: six hours of STAT and nine hours of ECON are exempt from this limitation). For further information contact: Fall 2011 Minor in Entrepreneurship (eShip) The Entrepreneurship Minor is designed for both business and non-business students and is available to...
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MINOR IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP11 - 15 Credit Hours Required Does...

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