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Ron Whitehouse Executive Summary 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Value Proposition Why does the company operate? How will the company increase its market share and grow revenue? How will it add value/benefit the consumers? Why would customers want to use it? A value proposition is a concise, compelling statement of the relative value that a company wants prospective customers to perceive about its product(s). The (customer) value proposition includes the overall advantages or benefits that a consumer received from doing business with your company. The concept not only addresses price and quality and customer issues as they relate to the product/service but also the qualities of the service and support provided to the client, prompt delivery of those products/services. (e.g. Our interactive 3D maintenance training aids allow people who maintain and repair military equipment to accelerate learning in complex equipment and enable first-time-right repairs and optimize operational readiness at a lower cost. NGrain Technologies) Problem Statement Where are customers experiencing problems in the current marketplace? What is the fundamental market pain? What trend(s) is supporting the issue? A problem statement is a concise description of the current issues that customers are facing in the targeted
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RonWhitehouseExecutiveSummary - Ron Whitehouse 1 Executive...

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