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StudentTravelGrantApplication - Submit Application...

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Unformatted text preview: Submit Application Application for Entrepreneurship Student Travel Grant Directions: Complete application form and click the Submit Application button to send the email message. Print a copy for your records. Name: State: Local Telephone Number: Cell Phone Number: E‐mail Address: Class Standing: Major(s): Date: Minor(s): Local Address: City: Zip: Describe the conference, competition, or sponsored event you wish to attend. Include the website URL for the event. Provide details of the activities in which you will be involved and the names of other student participating: Proposed travel budget (estimated mileage and/or lodging): Estimated Mileage Use Google maps to estimate mileage. Total Estimated Lodging Costs Provide a description of other funding for this event (indicate source and amount): Provide a description and dates of all previous funding by BGSU’s Dallas‐Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Total amount requested for the travel grant (limit $250): _________ Receipt of a travel grant gives BGSU’s Dallas‐Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation permission to publicize the recipient’s name, picture (if available), and accomplishments at the program. Submit Application ...
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  • Spring '12
  • ellen
  • $250, BGSU, travel grant, SUBMIT APPLICATION button, Entrepreneurship Student Travel, Dallas‐Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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StudentTravelGrantApplication - Submit Application...

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