Cultural Autobiography

Cultural Autobiography - Josh Sawyer TE 250 Section 16...

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Josh Sawyer TE 250- Section 16 1/18/12 Cultural Identification When I entered college (and the realm of education) I had never given my personal culture any real thought . I have lived a pretty average, middle class life in suburban Detroit. However , key classes and experiences here at Michigan State have taught me differently. As I prepare to become a teacher , I have further analyzed how I have become the person I am today. A majority of my personal philosophies , to my surprise, came from my cultural upbringing. Through various classes in college , I have come to terms with what has created my social, cultural , and academic style in my personal upbringing. When I think of the phrase “personal culture” the first thing to pop into my mind is my Finnish heritage . My great- great grandmother emigrated from Finland during the 19 th century , and my mom , and a majority of my mother’s side of the family, remain one-hundred percent Finnish . Both of my Finnish grandparents have very large families, and we frequently partake in annual family reunions . We generally hold these reunions in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (where both of my grandparents’ families grew up) . Having such a large family gives me a great sense of belonging and culture that many people do not have the privilege to experience . Both of my grandparents can remember their ancestors back to when they stepped of the boat for the new world . My family frequently visits the old family farm up in Calumet too. Even though I have lived in lower Michigan my whole life , I still feel a connection with the Upper Peninsula because it is where my ancestors have come from . We frequently partake in Finnish saunas and bake nisu (traditional coffee bread) . These are things that my great-great grandparents would have done centuries ago , and it is fulfilling to still carry on the traditions. Many people I have met at school do not share such a culturally rooted family . I have met people that are a plethora of different ethnicities or are not attached to a single nationality
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Cultural Autobiography - Josh Sawyer TE 250 Section 16...

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