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innervation notes - MUSCLE Proximal Attachment Distal...

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Unformatted text preview: MUSCLE Proximal Attachment Distal Attachment Innervation Action Frontalis Superficial tissue of Skin of forehead above CN V|| Raises the eye forehead and frontal eyebrows brows bone Orbicularis Oculi Frontal and maxilla Encircles eye Closes the eyes Orblcularls Orls Superficial tissue around Encircles lips Closes/ puckers mouth lips Zygomaticus major Zygomatic arch Corner ofthe mouth Elevates the corner of the mouth Depressor anguli oris Mandible Corner ofthe mouth Depresses the corner of the mouth Platysma Fasxiae of deltoid and Mandible Tenses the skin pectoralis major muscle and fascia ofthe neck Masseter Zygomatic, temporal Angle of mandible CN V3 Closes and (zygomatic arch) protracts the mandible Medial pterygoid Medial surface of lateral Medial surface ofangle of (chewing) pterygoid plate mandible Lateral pten/goid Lateral surface of lateral Mandibular condyle pterygoid plate Temporalis Frontal, parietal Coronoid process of Closes and mandible retracts the mandible Lateral rectus Apex ofthe orbit Lateral pole of eye CN VI Abducts the eye Medial rectus Medial pole of eye ON I” Adducts the eye ...
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