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One has only a few in the separate groups and the other has about eight on the separate groups. We actually agree on most of the ones for both groups, he put some of the separate ones in both groups. We both listed quite a few in the both group category, we agreed on most. We both agree that they are both good neighbors and family oriented. They are both devote, law abiding, peaceable, male dominated political environment and religious values perpetuated in politics. We disagreed on how women we treated though, one was oppressed. It was most of the negative ones we disagreed on; we also disagreed on who was inclusive and who was exclusive. True descriptors for Christian Americans and Muslim and Arab Americans are law abiding and peaceable. Two descriptors that would be false are violent and socially oppressed. The news media play a big part, when they only play stories like the 9/11 tragedy it
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Unformatted text preview: portrays them in a bad light. While there may be a few out there like that most are not. They say that the women are oppressed but open hearing from them I now think differently. Some very radical sects receive a lot of news time, and they do not take the time to stress that while this is true there are only a small majority. The media portrays most Christian Americans in a more favorable light. Also do to Orientalism there are group into a certain category the does not always apply. It leaves people being grouped together who may not have anything in common. except for the fact that they came from a certain region. Movies tend to show them in as bad way as, most depict the as barbarians. Even family oriented movies tend to depict them in a bad way....
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