CheckPoint Characteristics of Orientalism Prejudice and Discrimination

CheckPoint Characteristics of Orientalism Prejudice and Discrimination

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Arab Americans and Muslim each have their own unique customs one is a race and the other is a religion. Each group has their own variations that can be seen by differences in forms of religious expression, their heritage, and when they arrived in the United States. After doing I lot of research I could not find anything from the last two years. In fact I could only find something as recent 2006. One trait of Orientalism is to simplify a diverse group of people into being all the same. It also disregards the cultural differences as well. Each has their own unique culture and customs. Another trait would
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Unformatted text preview: be to group them with the terrorist of 9/11. Most Arab Americans are not Muslims, and most Muslims are not as extreme as the ones who did it. One of the best ways to promote tolerance is through knowledge. The more true information someone has regarding a race or culture the better judgments they can make regarding them. The media can be very useful in this by having articles that portray them in a better light than the usual terrorist story. Teaching tolerance and diversity in schools would also be helpful....
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