CheckPoint week 6 - One of the many issues facing Native...

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One of the many issues facing Native Americans today; one is the Sam as it has been in the past. Promises made by leaders who do not follow through. President Obama for one, he made promises during his run for office. Although he has done many good things for Native Americans, he not given the verbal promise that they need to heal (Indian country today media network, 2011) . The passage of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act that Obama supported has helped them but they still need more. Obama also offered an invitation to tribal leaders to meet with him and his department head, at the time though Native Americans were questioning whether Obama had knowledge of what wanted and needed (Indian country today media network, 2011). While all this does help Native Americans was still the question of a verbal apology. President Clinton made a speech addressing the way African Americans had been treated back in 1997. Native Americans believe that they deserve the same. Obama in December of 2009 singed the Public Law 111-118, Section 8113, it put into words the apology but the Native Americans need it be spoken. Obama again invited tribal leaders to sit down and meet with, Native Americans thought this would be what they had been waiting for (country today media network, 2011). According Indian country today media network (2010) Obama stated “Last year, I signed a resolution, passed by both parties in Congress, finally recognizing the sad and painful chapters in our shared history—a history too often marred by broken promises and grave injustices against the First
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CheckPoint week 6 - One of the many issues facing Native...

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