CheckPoiny Multiple Intelligences

CheckPoiny Multiple - with the intelligence A few careers suggestions were Psychology Philosopher and Counselor The other career was Politician I

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon My strongest intelligence is interpersonal, although I scored high in all but 3 this was the highest. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to set people at ease and build positive relationships. They possess the ability to resolve conflict between groups or individuals. They are good communicators both verbally and on a nonverbal level. The first website described the intelligence and careers that would be good for people
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Unformatted text preview: with the intelligence. A few careers suggestions were Psychology, Philosopher, and Counselor. The other career was Politician; I had not thought about this one but it would entail traits of the intelligence. The second website went into more detail the intelligence, and how to develop this intelligence. There was also links to find more information about it. The third website did the same, but it also brought up famous people who had this intelligence trait. The website also had links for instruction in the classroom to develop this intelligence....
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