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Asingment Time Management Skills

Asingment Time Management Skills - I establish priorities...

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I establish priorities by figuring out what is important to me. For me that is my family and working with the mentally ill. I want to get my degree and provide a better life for my family and do more for the mentally ill. I need to prioritize between family and school to accomplish it. In general I prioritize on a daily basis, most of the time school is the most important but that can change. There are times when emergencies come up and I need to deal with those as well. I also at times need to put my family before school. They are very understanding though and will give me the time I need. If we did not set priorities nothing would get accomplished, we would be stuck in the same dead end job, a bad relationship or be able to improve the relationships we have. We would be overwhelmed by it all; the stress would make us unhappy and sick mentally as well as physical. My support would be my family, my son and my fiancé. They both have a big impact on my daily life; everything I do is for them as well as me. Right now my niece is living with
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