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CheckPoint Reading and Comprehension

CheckPoint Reading and Comprehension - I did learn from it...

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1. The calculated word per minute was 877, this seems really fast but I have retained everything. 2. The approach was how I read everything for the first time, I read really quick. For academic reading though I would usually reading it again at a slower pace. Especially areas I do not remember or/and do not understand. 3. I was in my bedroom in front of my desktop; it was quiet except for some back ground music. If there was more commotion going which normally there is, it may have taken me longer. 4. As I said there were none, but when there is I will usually put my head phones on and listen to music at the same time. This way I can study without hearing everything else going on. 5. I did not become emotionally involved, the material was not of interest to me, but
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Unformatted text preview: I did learn from it. With reading for school sometimes I am emotionally involved and sometimes I am not. 6. I applied reading for understanding, critical evaluation and practical application. The first two worked really good, this is what I normally do for school reading; the third really did not help much since it is not something I would normally do. 7. Contradictory this means to the contrary or opposite, if one is false the other must be true. Info Overload this means to put a heavy load on someone or something, in this case it would be information. 8. The main point is how to give a good business presentation. How to present yourself and the material. In the case it looks at eight specific points of focus....
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