Learning Styles - My learning intelligences and...

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My learning intelligences and personalities are Interpersonal, and Thinker/Giver, and both work well in a distance learning environment. An interpersonal study technique is to study in a group setting, and discuss the material with others. The thinker personality techniques are reflecting independently on new information, and learning through problem solving. A giver technique is to seek out tasks, groups, and subjects that involve helping people. Both are compatible with distance learning, and the some of the techniques are already a part of the leaning environment. The two areas of intelligence I need to work on are Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Logical- Mathematical. Although the latter is more for Mathematical numbers are my worst enemy. For the Bodily-Kinesthetic I could try the mental walk memory strategy, and move fingers under words while I read. For Logical-Mathematical I could work on finding patterns, and developing systems. I could also work on making charts, and graphs. By practicing these techniques I will develop both intelligences. It is very important to know our leaning strengths as well as those of your classmates.
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Learning Styles - My learning intelligences and...

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