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Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint - should all be treated equal as...

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I have learned about the struggles Mexicans Americans, and other Hispanic American groups face and those they have overcome. I learned reasons why Hispanic groups have migrated to America. I learned about their background, and their culture, and the differences that make them different, from other Hispanic groups. I think that more migration from Hispanics and Asians will help them to make changes in policies that directly affect their racial groups. The increase will make them more a majority than a minority. I also think that people will look at them differently. We should come to a point where we are all Americans and we just have different heritages. We
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Unformatted text preview: should all be treated equal as Americans no matter what our cultural differences are. I think the country can be prepared for the changes in race by being more aware of the problems the groups face and finds ways to improve the problems. Another step would be to apologize for old mistakes that were made by our government. We could also mandate that schools have information on the past and present state of the different cultures that makes the United States versatile and diverse. This will help children identify with their own, and other culture as well....
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