Charcteristics of Expository Essays

Charcteristics of Expository Essays - giving the facts for...

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Characteristic of Expository Essays Clara Houpt Effective Essay Writing University O Phoenix 07/01/2011 Cochlear Implants, For Some, a Miracle. For Others, a Tool, and A Soul as Free as the Air, About Lucy Stone are both expository essays they use facts, and examples to explain the product and Lucy Stone. Cochlear Implants is informative, and About Lucy Stone uses time period. Cochlear Implants used informative because it was the best way to set up the information. About Lucy Stone used time period because it was talking about her life story. Both essays are very effective, Cochlear Implants used fax and examples to describe the implants, and About Lucy Stone used the time lime and examples of what it was like in that period to illustrate her life story. For the Cochlear Implants using a different may have changed to more of an opinion one way or the other instead of just
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Unformatted text preview: giving the facts for people to decide for themselves. For About Lucy Stone the options are more limited, they could have used topic or informative though. Both would have still gotten the information out there about her life. Although they could have also portrayed her in different light depending if they wanted to praise her or implicate her. It would depend on the motivation of the writer in both essays. These two essays are both informative and they both follow a timeline. Although Cochlear Implants pretty much uses the timeline to show a little bit of the background, and About Lucy Stone uses it all the way through. One is strictly informative the Cochlear Implants, and About Lucy Stone is also informative, but it is to celebrate her life and woman in black history. 1 2...
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Charcteristics of Expository Essays - giving the facts for...

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