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The main issue is stealing money from the company. I would say she immediately took a position. Later in the clip she stated that she knew it was wrong. This indicates that she had already decided that it was wrong, or she already felt that it was wrong. For the most part I think it was on a moral standpoint, but she did stop to think about it because she was broke. I think she did all three she solved a problem, made a decision, and took action about it. She solved her moral dilemma or problem by taking a stand on what she thought was right. She knew it was wrong and decided to do something even though it was her friend. She called the company and reported it to Human Relations I chose an issue when I was younger about how mentally ill clients were treated in group homes. How they were being treated was not right, it was really pretty bad in some homes here locally. I knew it was wrong and I decided to do something about it. I
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Unformatted text preview: worked in group homes so I got to see it firsthand. Morally it was wrong and I believe it was wrong logically as well. Treating them poorly did nothing to help them get better or control the behaviors they would have. I immediately took a position; I could see that it was wrong the problem was that it was common. I used both logic and my morals to make this decision. I knew it was wrong and it made no sense to me on a logical level to do it. I made a decision to help do something about it. First I refused to treat them that way even though it was common. I reported every time I observed another staff person do it. Finally they got tired of state coming out so it did decline but not much. Then we started some coalition groups to help make sure that it did not take place. While it has not solved the problem completely it has made it better....
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