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CheckPoint Week 4 - treatment I know there will be some who...

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I want to write about the new treatments in liver cancer, they come at a price. In early stages there is a lot of promise for these new treatments. In later stages there is a different story though. While there is some hope in up to the third stage from that point it is unlikely. My argument would be is the treatment worth the cost in later stages liver cancer. My thesis statement is: There are many new and expensive liver cancer treatments, but in later stages they are not warranted since they are not as successful. There is a lot of data about the new treatments and the expense of that
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Unformatted text preview: treatment. I know there will be some who disagree, but for me I cannot justify someone having a 125,000 treatment when the patient dying. This was the case with a family member who did not even want the treatment. He had medical and they wanted to force him to have the treatment or else they would release him with no care. The physicians we looking it the do no harm creed and we were looking at the fact of putting him through it for no reason. There is plenty of information for both side of the argument....
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