CheckPoint Week 6 - pregnancies. For scenario 3 this is a...

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CheckPoint Week 6: Determining Levels of Prevention Clara Houpt HSM/210 09/28/2011 Michael Hester In scenario 1 they prevented the husband from hurting his wife more. The methods used are appropriate if it has already gotten to this point. For me in that position I would like to see things in place before it gets to that point. Couples need access to counseling in stressful time to alleviate the stress before it gets this far. There should also be means to help gain employment and improve the financial situation. The holidays can be exceptionally trying for families with lack of funds.
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In scenario 2 I think more needs to be done. There should be awareness campaign to let these people know the consequences of unplanned pregnancy. There also needs to be issues addressed of education to help lessen the poverty numbers. By giving them access to education they can find better paying jobs, or at the least get a job. There should also be outreach through school to help alleviate the number of teen
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Unformatted text preview: pregnancies. For scenario 3 this is a very good start. They need to address the issue of getting them off the streets though. They need to access each client and figure out his functioning level. If they cannot maintain living alone then they need to be helped to get into a group home. If they can live on their own they need to be assessed to find out what help the need to get off the streets. Even with the services they will provide it will not alleviate the situation if they do not take their medications. Each client needs individualized treatment to get them off the streets and where it is safe. If the client is dependent on drugs they need to get into a rehab program to get clean so they can get back on their feet again. Also they need access the degree of health problems the other ones have. Is it to the degree that they are eligible for disability? If they are eligible this will help to alleviate the issue of homelessness if they start to get funds....
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CheckPoint Week 6 - pregnancies. For scenario 3 this is a...

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